Local customization. Responsive delivery.

Our packaged explosives are largely manufactured to order, proving maximum product shelf life.

Maxidrive packaged emulsions are available in three forms – Standard, ‘Plus’ and ‘i’.

Key features include:

  • the ‘Plus’ variant is a higher energy formulation for tough blasting situations. An example is lifter holes in mine development and shaft sinking
  • premium formulation, in combination with the raw materials selected, ensure a quality product is offered for any blasting application
  • Maxidrive ‘i’’ is an inhibited version for use in reactive ground situations
  • manufactured in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.

Pre-split explosives

Key features include:

  • centrally corded
  • low water content water gel formulation
  • available in several diameters and tailor made configurations.

Customisation and clean walls

At Nitro Sibir Australia (NSA), all customisation is done at the point of manufacture to ensure the delivery of a consistent, quality explosive string that can be loaded into the hole.

In addition, the combination of high energy, central detonating cord with low water content explosives ensures a very high brisance, which ultimately delivers extremely good walls in pre-splitting zones.

Local formulations owned and controlled

NSA owns our product formulations and manufacturing facilities. This means that if product changes are required, such as the dimensions, energy or any other physical characteristics, we can be highly responsive, and very quickly develop enhanced features to suit the client’s applications.

Our products are manufactured in Kalgoorlie and stored in conveniently located magazines prior to transportation to sites for use. Our fleet of delivery trucks provide the ability to cater for a range of different order volumes. We can efficiently deliver from storage to site when required, ensuring timely deliveries with minimised hold-ups.

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