A vision to be the leading explosive supplier in Asia-Pacific

At Nitro Sibir Australia (NSA), we make a difference. We take the time to recruit and train, providing an exciting career path to the right people.

Although we are a part of a larger global company, our Australian operations enjoy a much closer team spirit and a flatter management structure. This enables our teams to be empowered and encouraged to make decisions at all levels of the organisation. The end result for our valued team is that we have the ability to develop new skills and be equipped to grow into senior roles within the organisation.

A ‘can do’ culture

When recruiting, we look for self-starters and people with a ‘can do’ attitude. We focus on getting things done, without compromise. If you’re this type of person, we encourage you to apply for roles advertised on this website as they arise.

We promote internally and recruit externally; with a blend of new people to keep ideas and innovation flowing. We believe that this keeps us challenged and motivated to keep on improving the quality of our products and our services.

What we look for and what’s ahead

When recruiting, we will look to people with the right attitude first and who will work in accordance to our values in ‘Listen. Care. Deliver.’ We then develop the technical skills required by our new employees internally, with attitude and initiative the foundation. Once on-board, we continue to develop our employees through formal training courses, internal training programs and mentorships with our management team.

Whilst we rely to an extent on recommendations from our employees for new recruits, we will always look for the best candidates through our advertising and website. Keep an eye out on our vacancies page. All jobs will be posted there.