Detonating Cord Cutter

J Style Safety Detonating Cord Cutter

Development Emulsion Hose 27mm X 50m

Production Emulsion Hose 32mm X 60m

Extendaline Joiners

Used with lead-in-line.

Exploder Stinger 10 Shot

The SB10 is a compact capacitor discharge initiator designed to fire 1 to 10 standard electric detonators connected in series. It is suitable in all mining, including quarry, construction, and general blasting applications. Not suitable for underground coal environment.

Exploder Stinger 100 Shot

The SB100 is a dual-function unit which operates as a capacitor discharge initiator and circuit ohmmeter. It is designed to fire 1 – 100 standard detonators in series. The circuit tester enables accurate testing of individual detonators as well as testing complete firing circuits. Not suitable for underground coal environment.

Blast Monitor Hire

Virtual Reality Training

Technical Training

Magazine Storage and Hire

Equipment Hire

SSS Testing

Polar UX / UXI Underground Storage Tank 7,000 Litres

Polar UX / UXI Storage Tank 20,000 Litres

Polar SX / SXI Storage Tank 70,000 Litres

Emulsion Storage Pod 1,800 Litres

Gasser 1 – (AT) Acetic Acid 45%

Gasser 2 – (OT) Sodium Nitrite 25%

Ballistic Disc 318 (1/box)

Ballistic Disc 514 (1/box)

Ballistic Disc 260 (2/box)

80g Booster

Laser System

Wire Stripper

Shot Fire Cable 500m

Prima Cord

Shot Shell Starter Kit

Nonel Starter Gun

Daveytronic Electronic Detonator

Daveytronic Bell Wire M35 x 500m Wire Connectors

Bell Wire M35 x 500m