Blast Monitoring

Compliance Blast Measurement, Monitoring and Reporting

All aspects of environmental monitoring, fragmentation analysis and downstream measures, such as dig rate and crusher throughput, can be undertaken. Fundamentally these measures, particularly a set of baseline measures, are key components for project optimisation and improvement.

With state-of-the-art equipment and advanced technical expertise, Nitro Sibir Australia provides a range of blast monitoring services:

  • compliance airblast overpressure monitoring and reporting
  • compliance blast vibration monitoring and reporting
  • continuous displacement monitoring for effects of climate and blasting on structure
  • blast fragmentation measurement and reporting
  • blast hole deviation measurement and reporting
  • velocity of detonation measurement and reporting.

As well as monitoring and measurement services, NSA can also provide technical advice to optimise and improve results or reduce the effects of blasting on the neighbouring properties, infrastructure, heritage sites and high walls.

We bring to the table global innovation and best practice. We work in partnership with our clients to deliver custom solutions, safely and efficiently.

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