A focus on product leadership and custom solutions

Nitro Sibir Australia (NSA) is a full line supplier of explosives products and services to the mining industry.

We manufacture bulk and packaged explosives in our Kalgoorlie facilities, with a fleet of MPU’s deployed to deliver bulk explosives directly into the borehole.

A focus on quality, lead times and reliability

Our quality systems, manufacturing processes and procedures are aligned with QA accreditation requirements. From raw materials to finished goods, we aim to deliver a world class, application specific product to the end user.

Our initiation systems, detonators, cast boosters and detonating cords, have been carefully selected from third party suppliers on the basis of quality, lead times and reliability. Our focus is on ensuring that we deliver the best products to our customers. To achieve this, we invest in our due diligence, processes and systems, as well as work closely with our suppliers to continuously improve the features of these products.

Customer service

Underpinning the products is our service and support. With a focus on both product leadership and responsive service, we deliver a high value, custom solution to our clients, underpinned by our values.

Full transparency supporting cost efficiencies

Our technical services are offered on an ‘as needs’ basis. This means that service costs are not rolled up into the explosives costs. The way we work is that we will assist in the identification and definition of improvement opportunities at client operations – then we will work with you to ensure that the benefits are delivered.

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