Responsiveness and collaboration define the way we work

We work in partnership with our clients to deliver innovative, industry leading solutions. Our strength is in working closely with our clients over the longer term delivering results, as opposed to short term relationships aimed at maximising returns to our company. We have grown with our reputation and the results we have delivered.

Another differentiator is our genuine focus on listening to our clients. We believe that the development of the right products is improved with collaboration and an understanding of the blasting challenges for each site. We respect and value that our clients have the best knowledge about the circumstances around each project and that their input is vital to the development of safe and effective solutions.

After listening and understanding the requirements, we then apply our skills and experience to tailor a product and service that addresses the identified and agreed needs.

Custom solutions, deep experience and approachable management teams

In an industry where safety and efficiencies are both important, a ‘one size fits all’ approach can compromise the solutions. At Nitro Sibir Australia (NSA), we are generally reluctant to rapidly offer ‘off the shelf’ products to niche applications.

Experience plays a significant part in our ability to accurately determine the right product or service for the job at hand. Our employees have deep global experience in mining, explosives, chemistry, manufacturing and logistics. As a private company with a flat and very approachable management structure, we have the ability to move quickly and make decisions to minimise delays.

Innovation and design

NSA sets itself apart through innovative design and equipping the user to carry out day to day charging operations themselves, thus putting control of the charging operations back into their hands.

We deliver to the market efficient methods of moving the precursor products around the site. The end result of this is that our clients’ expensive charging equipment spends time doing what it should – charging up!


A driving force behind the business is safety and the need to extend our work safe practices beyond where we work to the greater community.

Our approach is always based on safe work. We believe in the control of the drill and blast process by the operator; with the delivery systems designed with safety, reliability, and robustness as key attributes.

The emulsion products are not over specified but manufactured to deliver an optimum result, time and time again. Our view is that time is always of the essence in any mineral extraction operation, therefore getting the job done in the shortest possible overall time is essential to a successful project, with good design practice the enabler.

We believe that the current bulk explosive technology should be rolled out to more users, particularly to teams in the underground environment. The blasting results obtained from a fully coupled bulk emulsion product are superior to those obtained from cartridged products; and as such the change to this technology is commercially justified.

Additional safety benefits can also be gained by reducing the volume of Class 1 products manufactured, transported and stored. This has a flow-on benefit to community safety. By using a single product to satisfy all of the needs of mining operations, and ensuring that we don’t have explosives in place until we are at the borehole, the work and storage environment are safer. Blast performance is also enhanced through the correct application of the product.

The NSA Polar range of emulsions is tailor-made for specific applications. Delivered through one of the purpose-built delivery systems, product will be put into the hole in a safe, reliable and efficient manner.

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