Blast Optimisation

Optimised Mining Explosives for Improved Blast Design

Nitro Sibir Australia (NSA) supplies standard emulsion based bulk explosives with a higher energy value than equivalent products. Leveraging a higher energy value, NSA is able to improve the fragmentation in equivalent pattern parameters and further improve blast design by reducing costs.

Working in partnership with you, NSA deliver innovative, industry leading blast optimisation solutions:

  • energy matching explosives to your geology
  • fragmentation improvement
  • initiation sequencing optimisation
  • dilution control through product selection and design optimisation
  • airblast and/or blast vibration control through product selection, design optimisation and modelling
  • development of site specific blast vibration models (seed hole)
  • drill & Blast process audits
  • drill and Blast operational audits.

NSA has a history of setting industry benchmarks in service, quality and experience, with a reputation synonymous with product leadership and responsive service.

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