Trusted delivery systems

A valuable part of our delivery system is our fleet and our operators.

Our fleet of MPU’s is the newest available to sites with units designed for specific applications within the industry.

Many of our operators have experience in drilling and shotfiring. This means that we can offer more than just a load service, resulting in overall efficiencies and better blast results.

Our bulk products are delivered to the blast hole in a manner that best suits the user.

Nitro Sibir Australia’s MPU

  • we provide the mobile processing unit
  • we provide the experienced operator.

MPU Hire

  • hirer provides the personnel to operate the MPU
  • NSA will hire the truck to the user
  • we provide training on its operation and associated QA procedures.

Owner’s MPU

  • NSA sells the bulk products to our client
  • user training is provided for the delivery of the products and associated QA procedures.

Underground bulk loading


  • Nitro Sibir Australia (NSA) has bulk units available for outright purchase or hire
  • mounted on your carrier, the units have been designed from the ground up to deliver, first and foremost, a safe means of getting the product into the hole, as well as improved availability and simplicity of use
  • at the heart of the system, the product delivery pump has been specifically designed with explosives applications in mind. With minimal moving parts, and intrinsic safety features, the pumps are the next generation in the art of bulk explosive loading. Despite their compact size, they are capable of loading both production and development holes very quickly.

Built in Australia, parts and support are readily available. The units are designed and built specific to special customer requirements; with their modular design and ease of adaptation to carrier type.

A dedicated supply chain

Polar emulsion products are manufactured in Western Australia and delivered to client operations through a dedicated supply chain. The products are designed with robustness in mind to withstand the conditions that mining environments present and to perform within specification, no matter what.

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