World Class – zero compromise

What differentiates Nitro Sibir Australia from any other provider in the market is the fact that we are able to compile an overall portfolio of products sourced from the leaders in their respective fields – without compromise.

Our initiation systems have been selected from suppliers within the industry that are manufacturers of world class offerings. As a company, we are not locked in to sister companies or internal suppliers, providing our teams with greater latitude to select the best products on the market for our clients.

Our non-electric detonators have been used in leading mining markets for many years. With extensive supplier audits behind the range, it has been approved for use globally by some of the world’s largest mining companies.


The Maxprime range of cast boosters are available in three options:

  • ‘Sputnik’ 250g – designed for loading in up-holes drilled for blasting underground
  • 150g – for surface blasting, or when clipped into a retaining device, it can also be used for loading in up holes
  • 400g – widely used in surface mining.


Detonating cords are offered in 5g/m and 11g/m strengths, with the polyethylene outer jacket providing high strength and water resistance.


This shock tube system features:

  • a high-quality tube
  • reliable, accurate detonators.

The collective components make this system robust and dependable, with the tube displays providing excellent memory characteristics making deployment quick and tangle free; whilst its strength and abrasion resistance are tailored for the harsh environments found in hard rock mining situations.

MS Series: Available in 25ms increments up to 500ms, this in-hole initiator is designed for use with packaged explosives and boosters in extreme applications. The RDX base charge reliably initiates the chosen primer in all situations.

LP Series: With 18 numbers in the series, conventional tunnel drill patterns are easily loaded. As with the MS version, the high strength RDX base charge will reliably initiate the primer selected.

Surface Delay Connectors

  • The ergonomically designed clip securely holds 5 tubes, with the range of delays available to suit all practical blasting applications;
  • The memory characteristics of the tube mean deployment is tangle free;
  • The UV inhibitor in the tube ensures the reliable functioning of the system.

Detonating Cord Delays

A full series of delays is available for use in shots connected with detonating cord.

Lead in Lines

Available in various lengths, the connector system included ensures minimal waste and safe initiation for every shot.

Electronic Detonator

Coming soon.

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