The Nitro Sibir Australia (NSA) Safety Management Plan is one of the components of the overarching HSE Policy, which formalises our day to day approach to manufacturing and the delivery of our products and services. Unconditionally, safety takes precedence ahead of production and delivery deadlines. All our employees are empowered to cease any task if they deem it to be unsafe. Day to day tools used by NSA include ‘Take 5’, JSA, Permit to Work and Risk Assessments for complex tasks.

Leading the industry in safety

At NSA, we understand that the work we do is inherently dangerous and that we need to be pro-active in our safety processes and constantly look to innovation in our products. As an industry, we all need to play a part in protecting our teams.

We believe that safety should extend beyond where we work to the greater community. To address this, we have in place processes and a product range that remove Class 1 products from the supply chain. By doing this, we markedly reduce the exposure of manufacturers, transport operators, the public and users to the potential effects of theft, incidents and other unplanned events involving explosive products.

Our fundamental belief is that safe, simple work will be productive work. By using a single product to satisfy all of the needs of mining operations, and ensuring that we don’t have explosives in place until we are at the bore hole, we keep the work and storage environment safer.

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