We lead the market with best in class solutions

At the heart of Nitro Sibir Australia’s reputation is the quality of our products. We back our products with innovation and technology; and staying ahead of the curve as market leaders. Products undergo stringent research and testing, with checks, verification and documentation at every stage.

Quality assurance and control

  • Raw material checks and verification
  • in process checks for all manufactured products
  • retained samples for all manufactured products
  • live fire testing of manufactured products
  • pre-shipping inspections of all imported products
  • retention of all manufacturing records
  • retention of all batch information for manufactured products.

Manufacturing processes

Our manufacturing processes for AN emulsions and packaged explosives are all computer controlled. We support these controls with manual checks of key parameters and records are kept of all key indicators measured during production runs.

ISO Accreditation

NSA is working towards ISO Accreditation. This means that all our systems are in place to ensure we deliver products that meet meet both client specifications and ISO compliance requirements.

Raw material, process and finished goods inspections support the work procedures that describe the methods to be used to make quality, fit for purpose products.


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